Advantages of Using Foot Operated Faucets in Kitchen
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March 24, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Top Essential Bathroom Accessories for 2022

Many kitchen accessories make cleanup a simple task. A faucet with a foot pedal value is a tiny but beneficial device that allows you to control the volume of water released and turn the water on and off with a foot lever. This is an excellent addition to your kitchen design when your hands are too dirty or busy to touch the wall mounted sink taps.

Foot-operated faucets have long been a standard feature in medical institutions where hand cleaning and hygiene are paramount. The same technology may be used in the home kitchen with outstanding results in terms of hygiene, water efficiency, and other factors.

How Does it Work?

When we press the foot pedal, the valve opens, allowing water pump pressure to enter all of the plumbing lines downstream of the pedal. A faucet with a foot pedal valve functions similarly to a single lever installed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. The supply valves and faucets link via stainless steel hoses. The faucet handle adjusts the water temperature, and the foot pedal can be locked in place to use the faucet usually.


Hygiene measures have never been more crucial, and this is why people are looking for more hygienic items than before. In today’s world, a foot-operated faucet is one of the most hygienic faucets. As a result, they’re generating much traction among users. Following Some its Advantages:

1. Quicker Operation

Traditional faucets that need hands take much longer to operate than foot-operated faucets. Users will be able to complete their washing tasks considerably more quickly and efficiently.

2. Hygiene

We all know that faucets are among the most often used kitchen items. It is also widely accepted that people touch these faucets before washing their hands. It can be unsanitary for them. Now, people are constantly looking for anything more sanitary that meets their requirements. The users’ goal can now be accomplished with the help of a foot-operated faucet.

3. Simplicity of Use

Kitchen jobs necessitate multitasking and keeping your hands busy. Maintaining kitchen sanitation can be difficult. You can quickly fill a large pot or wash food with a foot pedal-controlled faucet.

4. Water Conservation

JAL offers the best foot-operated kitchen faucet in India, that is also a more efficient way to use your kitchen’s water supply. You can avoid wastage by turning the water on and off with the foot levers. This saves water in the home and is suitable for the environment. You can also control the volume of water released, which is especially useful when rinsing large pans or baking sheets. It ensures adequate water flow without excess water splashing out of the sink.

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