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Guide for Buying Sensor Faucet

July 29, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Sensor touchless washroom faucets have been around for use since the 70s. But they experienced a massive influx in their consumer base when they were set up at airport toilets, restaurants, and other public places. However, sensor taps for washbasins have now become very affordable for homeowners and small-scale business owners. They offer innumerable advantages like minimal wastage of water, restricting germs transmission, and boosting overall endurance. Many sensor faucets have also introduced auto flushing systems, which clear stagnant water. 

How does the touchless bathroom faucet work? 

The touchless bathroom faucet generally contains an infrared sensor that makes sure that water is running efficiently. The valve of the infrared sensor catches signals as soon as we place our hands in front of the tap. The valves let the water run on for as long as your hands are placed under the sensor tap for washbasins. This Automatic sensor tap saves time and has fewer appliances to take care of. Another advantage of automatic tap sensors is having almost no difficulty cleaning the tap, as it’s improbable for the dust to pile up due to their sleek and minimalist configurations. 

Various features of Sensor Faucet:

Just like traditional water taps, you can choose from many touchless faucets. However, to get the best out of your investment, you must remember these factors while buying sensor faucets:

-User-friendly system

Many smart faucets feature options like auto flush and manual timer settings for the cleansing process of the old stagnating water. Manual timer settings let you choose your preferred time for the cleansing process.  

-Power source

Sensor taps for washbasins generally require a battery pack or a power adapter to run. While battery-powered models can be less expensive, they need more replacing.    

-Simple maintenance and sleek design

Touchless modern faucets are way easier to clean than their traditional manual counterparts. Sensor faucets are now getting very popular among households because of their minimalist user approach and attractive designs. You can also choose from various materials ranging from chrome to brushed nickel. 

Steps for installing a sensor faucet at your home.  

One major complication that might arise while installing is the availability of a power source near the faucet. You can choose to install the faucet yourself by following these simple steps: 

-First, before replacing your old faucet, you’ll need to cut off its water supply. Search for a valve near your sink/ washbasin and close it to stop the water supply.

-Removing the old tap after closing the water supply is the right move. Be careful while removing bolted nuts and remove the faucet from the sink/ wash basin. You might need a spanner to complete this task. 

-Furthermore, you need a desk gap through which you can pass the data cables and new wire lines of the sensor faucet and attach the separate lines for hot and cold water. Place the Faucet Handle correctly to ensure the touchless faucet is facing the right direction.

-After connecting the power supply lines, you might need a battery or a data cable for your Sensor Faucet to start working. You need to install a battery pack mounted onto the wall for most of the faucets available in India.

-Turn on your Water supply again and keep the surrounding of the water pipe clean as it may disrupt the water supply.

Jaljoy’s Best Sensor Faucets

Jaljoy’s Sensor Tap ‘Karna’

The Jaljoy’s Karna sensor tap is an excellent option for people who love to be clean. It features a magnetic docket system which ensures a lot of space for a neat washroom. Also known for saving water, Jaljoy’s faucet automatically closes off the water supply after 30 seconds, even if some object is accidentally placed there.

Jaljoy’s Sensor Tap ‘Wular’

Although Jaljoy’s Wular is more expensive than most products, it offers a stunning warranty period of 10 years and 0% cross-contamination. Perfect for pandemic situations, Wular is an efficient addition to any bathroom.

Jaljoy’s Sensor tap ‘Musi’

One of the best features of Jaljoy’s Musi is that it lets you choose how you want to use your Sensor Faucets, ranging from the traditional manual mode to sensor mode. In addition, this model supports both battery and an AC adapter. You can also change the sensing radius (6-35 cm) according to your convenience.  


Sensor faucets are one of the most innovative products in the  industry. They offer more control to the user and are very efficient at saving water. Jaljoy’s faucets also feature auto flushing systems, which clear stagnant water. In addition, you can choose the best quality sensor tap for wash basins from the latest bathroom faucets allowing you to save water. These faucets will help you transform your bathroom into a modern, finesse setting and enjoy a seamless experience with the newest technology. 

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