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How To Select The Best Shower Panel For Your Home

August 11, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

An excellent refreshing bath is all you need to kickstart your busy day. But, when the day starts from the bathroom, it has to have everything you want. Stylish tiles, ergonomic faucets, designer shower wall panels, and whatnot! It may sound simple to get your dream bathroom to life, but getting the components of the right style, quality, and design together is strenuous. Further, the burden of selecting many things at once aggravates the dilemma. 

Let’s start with shower wall panels. Then, follow these tips to select the shower system for your bathroom that looks exactly like you crave! 

Tips for buying the best Shower Panel System

Buying a shower panel system in India can be overwhelming. The availability of various designs, colours, brands, and metal finish makes it strenuous to finalize one. Furthermore, getting quality and design simultaneously is no easy task. But, keeping in mind a few things, you can ease the process. 

  • Size

We know that you don’t need your shower panel to be too big or too small as per your bathroom design. However, this highlights the need to check the size before making the final buy. Also, while checking for size, keep in mind the size of your tap faucets and shower head installed in your bathroom. This way, you can buy a shower wall system that looks compatible and stylish with other bathroom components. 

  • Design 

Design plays an important role. For example, how eye-gazing your shower panel would look in a bathroom? Would it complement the rest of the bathroom accessories?

This is decided by the right design. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to check the design first. Then, you can get the ideal design based on factors like the panel’s shape, placement of faucets, knobs, and design of the levers. All this can help you choose the aesthetically ideal shower panel for your bathroom. 

  • Material 

The variety available in shower panel material is immense these days. With the sanitary industry taking a level up in design and style, the material never takes a back seat! 

Today, you can find showers for your bathroom in stainless steel, plastic body, tempered glass, hardwood, or even in metal look. But it is advised to choose the material according to your bathroom décor. For instance, if you are planning a bathroom with a silver theme colour, having a stainless-steel material shower wall system would be ideal. And, if your bathroom comprises brown tiles, a hardwood shower panel would suit best! This is how you can match the interiors of your bathroom and the material of the shower panel to make it look lavish and aesthetically handsome. 

  • Features and utilities

As far as you can desire and expect from your bathroom, you can get in shower panels! Want to enjoy music while having a serene bath? You can get shower panels with Bluetooth and inbuilt radio. Want to have a luxury experience? Get a shower panel with LED lights!

And the list of shower wall features doesn’t end here. There are also shower wall systems available with dual heads, portable pipes, and whatnot! You can shortlist the one that matches best your needs, budget, and bathroom décor. But, the most reliable and advised ones are the shower panels with adjustable pressure and temperature knobs. These come under budget and are equipped with the features you need. 

  • Warranty options

Shower wall panels are not a cheap product and often take bucks to buy and get deployed in the bathroom. Due to this, it is therefore recommended to homeowners to buy shower panels only from the trusted manufacturers that provide warranty options. Also, look for the quality of service the manufacturer provides. This ensures you spend wisely and get the best deal. 


can make or break the complete look of your bathroom. It can quickly make your bathroom an average assembly or a luxury shower room in minutes. But all this depends if you get it right! By keeping the above tips in mind, you can ensure you get the best for your bathroom. But, wait? 

Where can you get the shower system that matches the quality and promises? We, at Jaljoy, manufacture bathroom faucets and fittings  that match your expectations and our promises! The ergonomic design and availability of a range of colours, shapes, and designs make our shower systems the best in class. These are well functional and show no utility issues. Along with this, our top-notch service ensures you compromise nowhere. So,  add elegance to your bathroom and comfort with Jaljoy shower wall systems! Explore our range of exclusive shower wall systems

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