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How To Select The Best Whirlpool Bathtub

July 28, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Whenever it comes to health, hygiene and happiness, most of us plan so many things to get the best and luxurious experiences as an individual, family or group. What if one can experience that comfort by just picking an awesome whirlpool bathtub. Not just comfort, but great healing every time when you are tired or looking for a spa-like rejuvenating impact on your body. 

A whirlpool bathtub can help you with your health. They promote muscle relaxation, stress relief, good sleep, cardiovascular health, etc. However, you must consider many factors before selecting the best one. What are those factors? Read this article to get detailed information about how to buy the best whirlpool bathtub

Evaluate your Space 

The pump and electrical wiring should be within a few feet of whirlpool tubs. So, make sure there is space around the tub for both these components. You can also measure the space where your bathtub will be fitted in. Measure the length, breadth, and depth of the area where you would like the tub to be kept—planning to buy a bathtub without checking the measurements? Just wait for a second. First, get the measurements of the bathroom doorway. Once you get that, you can pick a suitable bathtub that will fit through the doorway. So, it is good to have essential measurements in hand to make the best purchase. 

Look Out for Tub Features 

On your way to shop for an ideal bathtub? Get ready to be bombarded by plenty of choices. For example, when it comes to bathtubs, you must choose between air and water jets. Which one would you prefer? It is essential to look at the main features in order to make the best choice. In the case of a water-jet whirlpool tub, it shoots water through a jet to provide a targeted hydro-massage. On the other hand, air-jet whirlpool tubs use jets of warm air to give a lighter massage. You can get a combination whirlpool with water and air jets if you want. 

Choosing the right material 

Depending on your needs, decide what material you want to opt for. You have options like fiberglass, cast iron, acrylic, etc. Let us take a second to learn more about these materials. The best thing about fiberglass is that it is an inexpensive and light material. On the other hand, cast iron retains heat and lasts for a long time. Of all materials, acrylic is currently the most popular choice in the market. 

Also, choose a bathtub design that meets the needs of your family members. For a comfortable bathing experience, you can get a bathtub with headrests. 

Purchasing the tub 

Before shopping for the tub, you can keep the following points in mind. 

Make a budget 

Always plan your budget before you shop. Think about how much you can spend on the tub and the installation. As mentioned, evaluate your space first and consider which features are essential for you. Accordingly, create the budget for the bathtub. 

Talk to contractors 

A lot of work goes on while setting up a whirlpool tub. Sometimes there would be plumbing modifications. After selecting the tub you like, you can call the general contractor or electrician. They will tell you if any work should be done before setting up the tub. Also, they can help you understand which option is the best for you, keeping your house and comfort in mind. 

Read about quality and warranty information

Buy bathware products from brands that perform standard quality tests on their products. One advantage of high-quality bathware is that it will last long. Also, buy bathware from brands that offer warranty for their products.  

Lets Buy

Now you know what all factors to consider while buying a whirlpool bathtub. But, here comes the next important part. Where to purchase bathware products from? Jaljoy is the place for you. Speaking of Jaljoy, it is one of the best bathtub brands in India that manufactures high-quality products for your bath space. So, visit Jaljoy and explore their vast collection of the latest bath wares. 

Apart from bathtubs, they offer steam rooms, sauna rooms, shower panels, etc. Also, all bath wares in Jaljoy are covered by a standard one-year warranty. So, you can purchase without any worries. If you buy bathware products from here, you don’t have to worry about installation. You can contact the professional JAL personnel if required, and they will take care of everything. 

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