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October 8, 2021

By Jal Bath Fittings

A kitchen sink is normally used for washing dishes, vegetables, and other items. The kitchen sinks in our collection are available in a variety of finishes such as satin, glossy, anti-scratch, and so on. They are usually constructed of enamel-coated cast iron, stainless steel, composites, and solid surfaces.

Consider the layout of the kitchen when selecting a sink with a drainboard, and decide whether the drainboard should be on the right or left side of the bowl for maximum convenience.

Single Bowl Sinks

These bowls are available in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, and oval. A single bowl sink is just an individual bowl that fits well in a kitchen with limited space for countertops or is ideal for smaller households. When purchasing a single bowl kitchen sink, look for one with a good depth to ensure optimal space utilization and efficient cleaning.

Hand Made Sinks

This is useful when washing utensils because you can scrub and lather them on one side while rinsing them on the other.

However, keep in mind that if you choose a lighter gauge of steel, it will be easily dented. The thicker the gauge, the stronger the sink. Steel can also be scratched with a sharp object, such as a knife.

Double Bowl Side Drain Sinks

Multi-taskers enjoy having several things going on at once. You can also choose a double-bowl sink, with one large bowl for washing up and one small bowl for food preparation. It enables you to complete a variety of culinary tasks with precision and comfort. On one side, soak the potatoes while filling a saucepan on the other. Defrost a ready-made meal and clean the breakfast dishes at the same time on a busy weekday evening.

Stainless steel is heat and stain-resistant, and you can get a good variety and finish for a low budget. Most sinks are made of stainless steel, making them a versatile option for any kitchen.

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