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JAL Wall mounted showers are a paradise of delight because of the senses it delivers, both functionally and aesthetically. Showering with different functions such as Rain, Waterfall, and Mist is possible because of the technology used in our showers, which takes up very little space on your bathroom ceiling.


With the JAL ceiling rain shower , you can feel the soothing touch of rain. It is ideal for your regular bathing requirements.


Mist surrounds you with a warm hug of millions of small droplets of water provided from four distinct channels. The water makes the tiniest contact with your skin, delivering a thrilling feeling.


This flow simulates standing under a curved waterfall while showering, enabling a wide stream of water to flow, warming and calming the entire body for a long-term relaxation. It's perfect for a revitalising shoulder massage. The massaging effect is doubled in this shower thanks to the two waterfalls.

Easy Maintenance:

Simple to maintain: A slight rub is all that is needed to perfect the spray pattern. The item is designed with high-quality materials that are easy to clean and keep their lustre for a long time.


Delivers a rain feeling experience that is provided by the premium spray performance.

Three types of flows: Rain, mist, and waterfall

Easy installation:

Bathroom shower wall panels are simple to set up and install. You may install them to your shower wall and connect them to your existing plumbing.

For all sizes:

Shower panels come in a variety of forms, whether open or concealed, for your bathroom. The size and style of your shower panel are entirely up to you.


It helps save water while saving money on your water bill.


The material used in the shower panels affects how long they last in your bathroom. Stainless steel is a good option if you do not want rust to build upon your bathroom shower panels. Chrome finish shower panels with a simple style give an appealing look.

Get a shower panel for your bathroom from Jal!

Shower panels may help you define your space while also making your shower seem sleek and trendy. Jal provides the best shower panels in India to make your bathroom seem lovely while being functional. These bathroom shower panels also improve your showering experience by providing a variety of flexible choices that make it simpler to shower. So, regardless of the season or weather, you may enjoy the water flow if you prefer it.

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