Tips Before Selecting The Bathtub For Your Home
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Tips Before Selecting The Bathtub For Your Home

November 18, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Bathtubs give your room an opulent, fashionable appearance. They elevate your bathroom by improving your bathing experience and surrounding you with an air of luxury. When buying a tub, choose the one that fits your space best and is made of the best material. But most people find it overwhelming to know how to pick a bathtub.

Before selecting the ideal tub, you must first understand the available types.


Follow the tips below to help choose the perfect tub for your home and lifestyle.


Determine your budget

Always plan your budget before you shop. Consider how much you can spend on the tub and the installation. As mentioned, evaluate your space first and consider which features are essential. Accordingly, create the budget for the bathtub. 

Bathtub styles

A wide variety of bathtub styles are available to fit almost any bathroom, and all emphasise two crucial elements: space and material. Size plays a significant role in determining what style is most appropriate for you. Despite your attraction to an oval freestanding bathtub, your bathroom may only accommodate a round model.


Freestanding Bathtubs

Nowadays, beautiful bathtubs are in vogue. There is no limit to measuring a freestanding bathtub, but you need to leave enough space for fixtures. Additionally, you’ll need enough distance to get into and out of the tub comfortably. They also provide a more aesthetically vibrant centrepiece for your bathroom than most drop-in tubs. 


Oval Bathtub 

Its style, rounded shapes and comfort make them particularly attractive. These tubs are quite popular in apartments or smaller homes with premium space. They have a modern look that contrasts nicely against your bathroom’s sharper corners and edges.

Angled Tub 

For those who prefer a different look from the conventional style, there is also the angled style. You can support your neck and back while taking a bath thanks to the slight upward slope on one side. These have a very wide range of sizes and can be smaller than the oval and typical freestanding styles or bigger.


Corner Tub

Installing a corner tub in your bathroom is the best way to make use of an awkward corner. These bathtubs occupy a similar amount of space despite being much more comprehensive than the typical alcove bathtub. They are typically placed next to three adjoining walls, typically a window. These tubs are more like hot tubs and are used more for therapy and relaxation.



A whirlpool tub includes jets, which are air or water jets, but their primary function is to massage the user for relaxation and health purposes. Air jet whirlpools contain dozens of small jets that pump warm air to create air bubbles, while water jet whirlpools have fewer but larger jets that push water at high speeds. 



Depending on your needs, decide what material you want to opt for. You have options like fibreglass, cast iron, acrylic, etc. Also, choose a bathtub design that meets the needs of your family members. For a comfortable bathing experience, you can get a bathtub with headrests. 

Let us take a second to learn more about these materials. 



The best thing about fibreglass is that it is an inexpensive and light material. The material is durable, although prone to chipping from heavy impacts and carries the unfortunate trait of being porous. 



Numerous ceramic tiles are moulded together to create ceramic bathtubs and then allowed to harden. The advantage of this construction technique is that ceramic is very similar to clay, meaning it is more versatile than any material on the market in terms of styles and sizes. Ceramic has the drawback of needing constant upkeep to prevent eventual deterioration and crumbling.

Search for comfort

A bathtub must be comfortable and relaxing, but different shapes have different advantages and disadvantages. If it’s too small or big, you’ll feel claustrophobic while taking a shower. The key is choosing a bathtub that will fit your lifestyle and available space because more sizes, shapes, and depths are available. Before deciding, carefully weigh your options if you’re remodelling your bathroom or want to purchase a new tub.


Bathroom size

Choosing a rectangular shape for your small bathroom equals the length of the wall farthest from the door, making it more spacious. In this way, a greater depth is achieved. You can also use a corner bathtub, which leaves more space in the room. Larger bathrooms offer more options.


Read about quality and warranty information.

Buy bath ware fittings from brands that perform standard quality tests on their products. One advantage of high-quality products is that they will last long. Also, buy bathtubs from brands that offer warranties for their products.  



As you are now aware of all the important factors about a bathtub, it will be easier to choose one. But here comes the next important part. Where to purchase bathware products? Jaljoy is one of the best bathtub brands in India, producing high-quality products for your bathroom. In addition, all bath wares in Jaljoy come with a standard one-year warranty. As a result, you can buy with confidence.

So, pay a visit to Jaljoy and browse the extensive collection of cutting-edge bath products.

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