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Top Essential Bathroom Accessories for 2022

May 17, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Bathroom Accessories in Brands

When designing a new home or renovating the older one, a spacious bathroom is a topmost consideration to boost the overall valuation of your home. Although, once in a while, people do skip that part and overlook the necessity of having a nice and functional bathroom. A lavatory not only holds the fundamental hygienic functionality but offers a momentary space of solitude– to destress!

We bring you the list of top essential bathroom accessories in India that will embellish your bathing experience and set the tone for the rest of your home.

  • Rectangular Glass Shelf Twin With Rail


The Rectangular Glass shelf Twin with Rail attractive shape and style provides dual-level functionality. It has adequate storage space to keep bathroom products in order. The double-layered shelf features a sleek design with a twin hook and a towel rail for you to efficiently utilise your bath space without the fear of cluttering.

  • Soap Dispenser


Soap dispensers save expense since you don’t have to buy bottles of soap, and the pump usually dispenses the correct amount of soap every time, whereas bottles of dish soap frequently pour too much or too little. A built-in soap dispenser also helps free up counter space, whereas bottled soaps or bar soap occupy an extra room that appears messier and hinders the beauty of your luxury space.

  • Towel Ring


Towel rings are most commonly used to hang hand towels. This is appropriate for both public and private bathrooms. Having this bathroom accessory on hand is wise to make your bathroom vanity area more comfortable. It is ideal for installing a towel ring within a few inches of the bathroom sink for enhanced functionality. It will also prevent you from dripping water all over the place. 

  • Soap Dish


Nothing beats a good-smelling bar of soap in a well-designed container. Soap dish is uniquely created to drain and keep your bar soap dry. They keep your soaps organised and prevent a bathroom mess, which you would not want to see first in the morning. A well-chosen one can improve the appearance and feel of your bath. A soap dish with ridges offers more exposure space for the soap to dry out completely.

  • Toilet Paper Holder With Flap


A metal flap that drapes across the roll’s front is found on several toilet paper holders. This looks aesthetic and serves a practical purpose: it keeps your toilet paper dry. This is especially beneficial in bathrooms with youngsters who enjoy splashing around during bath time. When kept in appropriate holders, even simple items like toilet paper can add elegance to your bathroom. The best advantage of toilet paper holder with flap is that it prevents the toilet paper from falling open by keeping it intact. The toilet paper holder with a cover flap is long-lasting and made of high-quality materials—that perfectly match your restroom. 

  • Towel Rail


Your perfectly crafted and opulent bathroom should always remain precisely as you desired it. Placing Towel holders adds a charming touch to your space. Towel rails are an exceptionally efficient room heating solution as they come in a variety of fuel kinds to meet your needs. You can use a wet system in conjunction with your heating systems or an electric system on its own. The towel rail is an eye-catching sleek rail to hang your towel with style, ensuring that your bathroom’s needs are met.

The Bottom Line


Jal accessories enhance your current style and give your space a meticulous vibe. You must have realised the importance of bathroom accessories by now. The next step is to search for the best ones. Hence, when remodelling your bathroom, don’t forget to consider JAL bathroom accessories! If you’re looking for bathroom accessories in India, we offer plenty of options with a symphony of style & comfort.

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