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Ultimate Sauna Selecting Guide

August 17, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

When you hear the word sauna, the first thing that comes to your mind is relaxation. There will never come a better time to own a sauna for your bathroom. Having your own sauna will be a blessing after a stressful day. Sauna gives you a spa-like experience that relaxes your sore muscles and makes you feel at ease.

As the sauna is an enclosed chamber made of a wooden interior, choosing the best sauna for your bathroom can be challenging. There are several kinds of saunas available in the market. Your sauna should complement the place with all your other bathroom products and fittings. Saunas come in different styles and designs as well. And if you are not sure where to begin, here is the ultimate guide for selecting the perfect sauna.

Size of Sauna

The thing you should decide first is the size of the sauna. Depending upon your bathroom’s location and surface area, the sauna size will be determined. Furthermore, knowing how many people will use the sauna is important.

A small sauna is preferred if the usage is for 2-3 people. The ideal choice in the market is to install a sauna of size for 4-5 people. But if you have a large family and room for guests, it is advised to go for a larger option with more features. A sauna is a place to relax and rejuvenate, and if that place feels congested, it will spoil the mood. 

Type of Sauna

Now you know the location and size of your sauna, it’s time to decide what kind of sauna you want for your bathroom. Depending on your bathroom size and the budget you have, you can determine the type of sauna that best suits your bathroom. Discussed below are the most popular types in the market.

Traditional Sauna 

The traditional sauna is one the most common types of sauna used in India. As the name suggests, traditional saunas are very conventional. A central heater is used in traditional saunas to warm the sauna stones. Then the water runs down the stones to generate the steam.

This type of sauna has been widely used for decades due to its health benefits. They help clear your lungs and improve your respiratory system. Traditional saunas also relax tired muscles. In addition, they are energy efficient and are the prime choice in the market.

Infrared Sauna

While there are sauna stones involved in the traditional sauna, infrared heat is in infrared saunas. The structure consists of using infrared heaters that directly warm your body. The thing about this sauna is that the temperature rises quicker than any other sauna type.

The infrared sauna has a remarkable rate of detoxification. They also encourage the process of fat loss in the body. In addition, infrared saunas provide great relief and relaxation after a workout at the gym.

Steam Sauna

Another type of sauna beneficial for the respiratory system is the steam sauna. Popularly termed steam rooms, they are known for their easy installation. Unlike infrared saunas, steam rooms use non-porous surfaces such as ceramic tiles.

Steam rooms provide a hot and steamy environment with an average temperature of about 115° F. Steam saunas are installed in big bungalows and houses with open spacing for the steam to flow out easily. A steam sauna could be your best choice if you are looking for a more flamboyant sauna setup.

Sauna Controls and Features

Now that you know the type of sauna you want, it is important to know the features it provides. So, before selecting your dream sauna for your bathroom, make sure you are aware of the heater controls of the sauna.

Knowing the type of wood or stone used is important if you opt for the traditional sauna. Similarly, find out about the heater and its features if you go for the infrared sauna. Many saunas also come with a built-in automation system. For example, you can set a timer of 40 minutes, and the heater will power off automatically in case you fall asleep. Therefore, it is essential to know about the features your sauna will provide.

Budget and Maintenance

Buying a sauna for your bathroom is not a cheap task. But you can save a lot of money if you know your budget. Decide your budget beforehand to limit the range of options to reduce confusion. However, it is also crucial to find out the post-purchase maintenance cost of the sauna.

Let’s say you are happy, as you bought a sauna as per your budget, but its maintenance charges cost you a fortune. This is the mistake you can avoid. Instead, try finding out all the existing options per your budget and ensure that the maintenance costs are as per your needs.

The Perfect Dealer

Deciding the kind of sauna you want is not enough until you find a reputable dealer. Purchasing a sauna is an important upgrade for your bathroom, and the last thing you want is a novice dealer.

Research the best dealers in your area. Look for reviews on the bathroom products they have to offer from their customers and website. Make sure that they possess the required experience and expertise with complete industry knowledge.


More and more people these days are getting drawn towards saunas for their bathrooms. With multiple features and added health benefits, saunas have taken over the industry over the last few decades.

Choosing the kind of sauna you want and a trusted dealer can be complicated. Having said that, Jal Joy is one of India’s leading names in bathroom fittings and accessories. With utmost customer satisfaction and world-class quality in sanitaryware products, Jal Joy gives your bathroom the royalty it deserves!

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