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What are the Best Shower Heads for 2022

August 17, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

The busy modern lifestyle may not allow many of us to experience real rain showers and have some relaxation. But, it can be a reality if you bank on an excellent showerhead to enjoy a pleasurable feeling. A wide range of affordable and attractive head showers will add style to your washroom and save you from the adverse effects of water-mixed chlorine on your skin and hair. 

As you choose to shower under a strong water flow or utilize the mist setting to extend your shower time, the shower head’s various features will provide you with a soothing experience. Today, we discuss the best shower heads In India that can be the best to buy in 2022.

Handheld Shower Head

As the name suggests, the handheld shower heads are detached from their mount and movable because they connect to the waterline via a hose. The handheld shower head is an excellent choice if you need to sit down or have movement limitations. 

You can move it around to position the shower head where you need it. Additionally, they’re fantastic if you have pets. It would help if you bathed in the bathtub. Using one of these will surely simplify your task.

Dual Shower Head

One item that provides you with the best of both worlds is a dual shower head. You can use it in various ways while still having the stability of a fixed head because it features both a fixed charge and a handheld head, Some dual shower heads let you use the handheld and fixed charge simultaneously, while others only allow you to use one at a time.

Due to the ability to adjust one head while maintaining a standard shower head, this shower head is instrumental if you have mobility limitations or need to sit down while you shower. Because you essentially get two showerheads in one, it can be a little more expensive than other showerheads.

Waterfall or Rain Shower Head

Waterfall or Rain shower head is distinct from most of the showerheads we’ve discussed, which all feature numerous settings. There is only one setting available for the waterfall shower head. This shower head’s vast size and multiple water streams give it the appearance of a gentle waterfall. Because they mimic rain, these shower heads are often known as rainy ones. 

These shower heads aren’t very water efficient because it takes a lot of water to make it rain. However, if you don’t like the intense hammering that some shower settings may give you, these shower heads are fantastic. These shower heads are typically positioned on the ceiling but can also be wall-mounted.

Wall Mount Shower Heads

The most popular and practical fixed shower head is the wall mount kind. It is cost-effective not just because it is inexpensive and straightforward to operate. They are repairable, affordable and durable as their parts are readily available, and there are fewer chances of breaking down.

Wall mount shower heads ​will be your best choice if the budget is tight. Choose a multi-function model if you want a richer experience because you may customize the water spray pattern. The wall-mounted shower head has a maximum diameter of 5 inches. Though, you cannot alter the height of the shower itself, even if you can alter the high-pressure shower head’s spray direction.

Wrapping Up

If you are confused or finding it tough to decide upon a showerhead that fits your demand, you can consult with bathroom fittings manufacturers over the phone. You can ask about the specifications or inquire about your desired showerhead’s price. 

JAL Bath Fittings are among the leading shower Manufacturers with a demonstrated history of wide range of kitchen and bathroom fittings to meet buyers’ satisfaction levels. Our products are the best choice for your bathroom area. Gear up yourself for an amazing bath experience!

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