So, you’ve decided your bathroom needs a revamp? Whether you’re looking to do a complete overhaul or change up one aspect of the space, you have to start somewhere, right? Jal is the best solution for you to redecorate your space. We offer bathroom remodel ideas that will give you major inspiration. By exploring Jal, you just may want to replace dull, outdated corners of your bathroom. Whatever you’re after, you’ll be ready to move forward with your bathroom makeover after a look through our products.

Plan what you want

The first step to redesigning your bathroom is to plan exactly what you do and don’t want. Take a look around your existing bathroom. Is there anything you want to keep? What is currently wrong with the room and how can it be enhanced? Write down your ideas. That way you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Stick to the same theme

When choosing accessories for the bathroom, it’s easy to get carried away and choose different styles. The problem is, while they may look great on their own when combined with other accessories in the room they could clash badly. Try to stick to a single theme with everything you choose.


Don’t want to renovate much? That doesn’t mean you have to rule out a fancy handheld showerhead. For something super high-end yet still hackable, Jal offers a wide range of showers. It can be installed (and removed) without any major plumbing changes.

Add accessories
A mirror, towel racks and hooks, and more built-in accessories will all come in handy—which you choose just depends on your style and how much space you have. The accessories make your bathroom more splendid.

Save Water Sensor Fitting

Jal Sensor faucets: An innovation for better hygiene


Sensor faucets are the intelligent taps that save water and stops the flow of water as soon as you take your hand away. Sensor technology and placement have improved to avoid accidental triggering of the faucet. Adding a faucet with a sensor allows you to start the water flow with a simple hand gesture without touching it, and the flow will stop immediately if no hand presence is detected. Jal offers a sanitary hygienic solution that minimizes contact with potentially hazardous germs and controls water wastage. As a consequence, there is no corrosion, or chance of harm. The maintenance is significantly simple and it can be installed easily. Improvements like this make a faucet quicker and easier to install, and Jal helps clients with the best.

Adopt sensor-free faucets

Today, a number of companies are adopting sensor-free faucets for better hygiene. These initiatives may result in added benefits due to improved employee health and, as a result, decreased rates of absence. A healthy employee is also more productive than a sick one and does not transmit sickness. Germs, bacterias, and viruses are released into the air and onto floors, partitions, walls, worktops, fixtures, and dispensers in the bathroom. Germs on a sink handle grow rapidly. Here, Jal bathroom fittings come into play by making your restrooms touch-free.


Make your dream bathroom

Bathrooms are like personal rejuvenating spaces to escape. They are blissful spaces that cleanse and rejuvenate us every day. Moreover, bathrooms can give your home a touch of elegance, class, and sophistication with the right design.


This is where we at Jal have unique expertise to offer solutions that touch you with technology and aesthetics to create spaces that are truly divine and a true reflection of your taste and personality. Take each Jal Product to know exactly what to use when creating your dream bathroom.

The bathroom has come a long way. Once a room devised for functionality, it has experienced a beautiful makeover over the last few years.

New age bathrooms are a reflection of one’s taste and persona-driven by today’s innovations in design and aesthetics.

This change in the bathroom’s décor and design aesthetics has also changed the need for space. The bathroom has come to represent personality as much as function. Innovation and great designs have also found a firm footing with the introduction of products like Bathwares and Sensor Taps. Today’s bathroom is as much about design accessories like mirrors, holders etc. as it is about function. Time to give your colourful life more function! Let these splendid designs of Jal fill you with a rejuvenating experience, every time you come in contact with them.


Jal Geyser: An Essential Amenity To Keep You Warm

If your geyser is over 10 years old, you may want to buy a new geyser. Jal has the best solution for you!

Jal looks to ensure that you are equipped with the best geysers out there and has thus created a guide for you to walk through our geysers. Choose the right water heater for your home! Choose Jal…

A working geyser is one of the most essential appliance in most households. A water geyser is vital for daily tasks in a household such as bathing, cooking, cleaning and laundering. Many people enjoy a hot water shower before and after work, and the benefits of a hot water shower go a long way in maintaining mental as well as physical health.

Is your geyser not working or you are looking for a new one? Don’t get too worried, after all, a geyser, like any other appliance has a life cycle and once it wears down, you will need to buy a new geyser. If you have a broken geyser or it shows any of the following signs that impact your warm and cozy bathing experience, you may want to buy a new geyser. Jal is the best solution for you! Jal Geysers has all the benefits that come in handy. Make a smart choice to enjoy those all warm showers after a long day. Jal strikes all the right chords and makes bathing a luxe experience for you!


Jal Bathtubs – A Quotient of wellness

Jal bathtubs bring wellness to your bathroom. The style and panache it brings makes you feel relaxed. The innovative and fun designs add a best quality that allows you to enjoy your bathing experience. Jal bathtubs assure you of the highest quality and durability. The best experiences and design are sleek and stylish that makes you bathe in the best way possible.

Immerse yourself in the striking ambience of wellness. The bold and quality design of Jal bathtubs bring out the details in the most eloquent manner. The essential sublime design makes your bathroom bold, modern and elegant.

Jal bathtubs are an interplay of bold artistic touch that brings glam and sophistication with the finest comfort and timeless appeal. The clean and chic design makes your bathspace a style statement.

A classic touch to a contemporary theme.


Jal fits efficiently and elegantly into your space. The performance is ideal for every day and blends with the aesthetics freely. Adding a touch of modernity and ease explores a hint of innovation and leaves a striking impact with our bathtubs. Set a perfect mood to unwind.


Jal makes everything look serene and calm when it comes to infusing best in class bathroom spaces with its exclusive products. Get uncompromised comfort and highlighting balance. A regal experience to your space which is tailored to your penchants and individualistic taste.


Jal bathtubs incorporate touch magnificence to your space that explores finesse and brings forward a translucent dew of precision and mesmerizing aesthetic. Create a simple and playful experience that aims at delighting every detail. For an added visual balance, find a place of solace!

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Jal Shower Enclosures – Incorporate Quality

Jal shower enclosures are best in quality and performance. Incorporated with best features, Jal showers are made exclusively for you! A wide range of options is available for you. Head to Jal and enhance your showering experience with these shower enclosures that suit your taste and personality.

A varied range of style and designs, Jal shower enclosures are in standard sizes and make the best possible use of your space. The best quality one can ask for! Jal has it all when it comes to shower enclosures.

Shower Enclosures keep your rest of the bathroom clean and dry. Make Jal shower enclosures an integral part of your modern bathroom. The best result is separating the wet and dry area of your bathroom and giving it an elegant and stylish look. It takes the aesthetic to a new level. Shower enclosures make your bathroom dry, hygienic and safe.

Jal Shower Enclosures serve all the necessary requirements and provide functional benefits. The high quality and readily available sizes are one stop solution to all your needs.
The best design, easy installation and maintenance are the best standardized option for you and your daily showering experience.

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Workplace Hygiene- Tips to follow in a Pandemic World

Maintain workplace hygiene with social distancing, and less touching public utilities.

Jal Foot-Operated Faucets and Sensor Faucets To Maintain Hygiene:

Jal automatic sensor faucets are built with great engineering and built-in technology. The sensors are built into the handle, which enables it to detect motion. Thus, when we place our hands in front of it, it automates the flow of water instantly. Thus, it eliminates the need to touch the handle at all and prevents repeated cross-contamination.
Similarly, in foot-operated faucets of Jal, you need not touch the handle of a tap. Gently press the handle with your foot and thus maintain all hygiene protocols.

Automated Taps use less water and thus conserve water:

Sensor taps save a lot more water as compared to regular water taps. The water that is dispensed from the tap is regulated in sensor taps. Each time it turns on, it releases a uniform stream at a regular flow. Moreover, sensor taps switch off automatically, like when you are soaping your hands. All this can cut down water wastage by up to 70%. With better hygiene and ease of convenience and comfort, Jal automatic faucets are popular and sought after, for usage.

Personal Hygiene is important too:

  • 1. Do not touch any parts of your face, including your mouth, nose, and eyes. Try to wear a mask through the workday even after the intake of vaccine. Do not become carefree and careless!
  • 2. Sanitize your work area, which includes your desktop, keyboard, desk, and more.
  • 3. Practicing toilet hygiene in the workplace is important. Make sure you avoid crowding the bathroom.
  • 4. Avoid ordering lunches and try to bring packed meals from home instead.
New Arrivals

Jal- Create a wellness zone

Indulge in Jal amenities that provide an ultimate rich and luxe experience with Jal bathtubs. Add a touch of playfulness and instant charm with Jal rejuvenating bathtubs. Increase the glam quotient of your space with warmth and refined tubs. Jal always captures the essence of aesthetic designs. The designs are engineered with simplistic products that add utmost sophistication. An epitome of convenience after long days!

Jal has always fused together products that set a warm tune and aim to make every space vivacious and urbane.

Magic of detailing and carefully crafted designs.

  • Whirlpool and Bathtubs: Classic Designs with combinations that merge ethnicity with functionality. Add precision and opulence with Jal bathtubs. And make your space more enticing with pleasing designs of Jal whirlpools. An alluring charisma with striking designs! With Jal Bathtubs,
  • Sauna Rooms: With Jal exclusive Sauna Rooms, delve into luxury and modern bathing solutions. Our amenities add creativity, elegance, and quality designs. Incorporated with the purest form of quality and comfort!
  • Shower Panels: Jal elements exalt sublime character with visual harmony. The lively and quirky look makes every space scream quality. A relaxed aesthetic that is durable and effortlessly curated to meet all your needs.
  • Steam Rooms: Transform your space with a touch of uniqueness. Stand out with elegant and timeless designs with perfect individualistic style with modern steam rooms. Built to tailor perfect individualistic taste! These exclusive Jal products create a calming scheme making your bathroom strike true form and function.

Jal- Remodel your bathroom

Remodel your home with a Jal that gives an interesting new luxe look to your space. Refurnish your home with Jal faucets, sanitary wares, and bathtubs. If you looking for amenities that provide luxurious and economical products, adopt Jal! Jal offers a wide range of products at affordable costs to boost your bathroom renovation ideas.

Innovation and Aesthetics at its best!

Adding Jal products such as bathtubs, water heaters, and sensor faucets makes your home more modern and contemporary with something so lively, such as Jal elements that upgrade the vibe of your bathroom. Jal provides you products that are the easiest and cost-effective in every bathroom remodeling plan. It freshens up the atmosphere, makes your bathroom more novial with exclusive products and gives the bathroom a whole new makeover. The bathtubs provide spa like experience, a relaxing, rejuvenating mood and a place to unwind. Thus, create a warm and relaxing atmosphere by transforming the aura and rejuvenating your bathing experiences. It immediately uplifts the sense of style and luxury in the bathroom. If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious spin consider Jal amenities for bathroom renovation cost effective renovation. Pick faucets that look elegant, modern and are long lasting with quality and precision. Level up the vibe of space with profound elements that is guaranteed with Jal.

Add Jal Accessories

Jal provides modern bathroom accessories such as mirrors, bathtubs or spas. They include small details that change the vibe and aura of your whole space making it wholesome. All Jal products create a warm and relaxing atmosphere by transforming the aura and rejuvenating your bathing experiences. You could start off remodeling bathroom by fitting hands-free or sensor fitting faucets. It immediately uplifts the sense of style and luxury aspect of your bathroom. Other than the timeless and classic best in class products, Jal makes your space calm and rejuvenate your bathroom with more refined products.


Jal: Built with Environment friendly attitude

Jal has been built with an environment friendly attitude that leads with sustainable way of living. We have always followed shared philosophy of building a brand that is fully green. All products are made with inspiration from richness and culture inheritance of beautiful landscapes. Sustainable development has always been the main motto of forwarding the brand to satisfy the needs of this generation without compromising the opportunities for future generations.

We care about water saving techniques. We see things in eco-friendly way. The essence of our Jal has always been precision and quality. We have different range of products that deliver water as per the requirement and also delivers elegant shapes and quality. The amalgamation of functionality with aesthetic quality products is greatly engineered with providing a hint of visual appeal to every collection.

Not only providing exclusive products, Jal also offers an ultimate comfort with flawless designs and finesse. Jal has always enhanced the ethnicity with functionality. Thus, Jal captures the rich history of our culture with artistically designed products that complements every space. With Jal, our customers can maintain contemporary look to your bathroom.

Jal delivers such products that let you immerse in a lavish bath space which is tailored to your penchants. We have always believed in delivering distinctive style to your bathroom with subtle spaces and bring together an atmosphere which is warm and adds an interesting tune to your space. A vivacious and hygiene-oriented space! Blend magic and magnetism to your space with Jal.