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Best Bathware Products in India

Bathware products have become an essential element of modern bathroom space. Aside from having the practical goal of rejuvenating, it also adds beauty and design to the bathroom. Discover the latest range of bath wares with JAL Bath Fittings.


Whirlpool and bath tubs
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Steam rooms
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Sauna rooms
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Shower Panels
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Jal Bath Wares Are A Must For Every Bathroom.

Bathwares are a must-have for a comprehensive bathing experience since they represent refinement with more soothing properties. JAL is the leading manufacturer of modern bath wares that provides you with impeccable bath accessories.

  • Standard sizes are widely available.
  • Maximizes bath space.
  • Easy to maintain high-quality products.
  • 1 Year Hardware Warranty


Tempered Glass

90% of a steam room is tempered glass; it meets the highest safety standards when used in the bathroom.


We ensure that the glass meets strict quality criteria, our products ensure uniformity and extended life


Sleek design to meet the hardware finish overall and enhances the bathroom's visual appeal

If you are looking for reliable bath wares in India, Jal is the best bathroom fittings manufacturer that offers the most significant products with the best features! Our product range includes steam and sauna room, shower panel, and bathtub.


The most common method for cleaning a glass steam room is to prepare a thick paste of baking soda and water and gently scrape the glass with a soft sponge. Check that the sponge is not abrasive; otherwise, It might create scratches on the shower doors. The Jal steam room includes an anti-limescale and easy clean treatment that inhibits limescale buildup on the shower doors.

Jal bath wares have a ready-to-install design that is easily placed as long as the bathroom floor is a level, flat surface. They are easily accessible in conventional sizes and can be installed by professional Jal personnel if required.

Towel rods, knobs, hooks, handles, and mood lamps, among other bathroom accessories, can be installed in shower cubicles based on your needs.
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