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Thermostatic Mixers & Diverters

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What is a Thermostatic Valve?

A Thermostatic shower valve combines hot and cold water flows to the desired temperature. It guarantees that the temperature of the water remains consistent during your shower. It forms a physical barrier between the water's temperature and the boiler's temperature. It comes in both concealed and open thermostatic shower valve forms, and they have their categorization. Shower mixers diverter with thermostatic controls are safer than regular shower valves, and they're especially beneficial in family bathrooms to avoid scalding.

What is a Thermostatic Shower Valve?

Jal has the best thermostatic mixing/shower valve that controls water temperature and avoids scalding.

Diverter Valves For 3 Way Shower

Finally, a three-way wall mounted mixer taps allows you to easily divert water from a fixed shower head to bath filler by controlling the water flow to three independent but related outputs. Three-function valves look elegant and provide a more luxurious and diverse showering experience.

Why do you need Thermostatic Mixers?

We all want a stress-free shower. You look forward to feeling revived after an unpleasant day. A nice hot bath relieves tension by opening up all of your pores and helping you stay relaxed.

It helps you save time.

You may save time by using a thermostatic mixer. Thermostatic mixers include technology that reduces shower time by keeping you from tinkering with the taps and channeling your inner scientist to get the right combined temperature. With self-explanatory knobs, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the shower you've been anticipating after a long day.

It is Risk-Free.

The most significant feature of thermostatic mixers is that they prioritise safety. The water flow is automatically controlled if the temperature rises over the predetermined point. They are better ideal for homes with children or the elderly since they have a kid lock. This technology makes showering easier and safer.

It Saves Water.

If your shower time is interrupted, you may just turn off the tap. As a result, the temperature of your shower will not alter when you restart it. It reduces the reactivity and possible temperature variations, decreasing the need to monitor the temperature. The nice thing about thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers diverter is that they can conserve water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of a Thermostatic Valve?

The thermostatic valve combines hot and cold water at the temperature you want. It also regulates the mixing of water in response to variations in water temperature. It can also adapt to fluctuations in the water supply with ease. As a result, even if your kitchen faucet is turned on, the temperature in your shower will not change. Learn more about thermostatic blends and why they're important in the bathroom.

Can a Thermostatic Faucet's Temperature and Water Flow be Limited or Locked?

JAL thermostats benefit from protection coverings that manage and limit temperature and water flow. Temperature and water flow can only be bypassed using a specific key when the covers are used. Please feel free to contact us to get the required protective coverings.

How should a thermostatic shower cartridge be cleaned?

The shower cartridge must be serviced if the cartridge filter becomes clogged after cleaning the litter filters and aerator or if the faucet reacts badly to temperature changes.

Checking the cartridge is as follows:

  • Close the faucet and turn off the water supply.
  • Remove the temperature adjustment handle and open the faucet with a strong grip.
  • If it didn't come out with the handle, remove the plastic limiter beneath it.
  • Turn the locking nut counterclockwise on the cartridge with a spanner or a box wrench, and remove the cartridge.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the cartridge and filters under running water. Replace the cartridge with a newer one if necessary.
  • Apply O-ring lubricant to the O-rings and replace the cartridge in the faucet body, rotating the locking nut clockwise to secure it.
  • Make sure the limiter's shoulder is level with the hole in the faucet's cover.
  • Reinstall the temperature adjustment handle and calibrate the water temperature.
  • Make sure the faucet is working correctly.

What should you do if the water from the faucet isn't hot enough?

If the water in the faucet does not heat up to a satisfactory temperature, look for a problem with the heating system.If the heating system is working well but the water temperature remains too low, the Thermostatic Diverter may need to be replaced.

Who should I complain to if I have a problem?

JAL sells its products through wholesale distributors, specialty dealers, and retailers. As a result, the customer's warranty claim is directed against the seller, i.e. the retailer/seller, rather than the manufacturer. Please contact the retailer where you purchased your product if you have any concerns.

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