Faucets: Embracing Technology In Your Bathroom
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Faucets: Embracing Technology In Your Bathroom

November 9, 2023

By Jal Bath Fittings

Faucets Embracing Technology In Your Bathroom - Jal Bath Fittings

Have you ever wondered who your bathroom’s unsung heroes are? The fixtures known as faucets, which give you access to running water with a simple turn of a handle, are often overlooked. We now depend heavily on technology in our daily lives. Even our toilets now come with technological advancements. In this article, we will discuss faucets, including how to remove rust from them, which brands are the best, and how to select the perfect faucet that meets your requirements. We will even cover the subject of maintaining spotless faucets, which is frequently disregarded. Are you prepared to update and modernise your bathroom fixtures to reflect the current era? Now, let’s get going!

How To Choose The Perfect Faucet

Selecting the perfect tap for your bathroom might seem daunting with the many options available. To make this process easier, have a look at the following factors:

1. Consider The Basin

The type of basin you have is a key factor in choosing the right tap. If you have a deep basin, it’s advisable to opt for a high-arc faucet. This design allows you to comfortably reach all areas of the basin. On the other hand, if you have a shallow basin, a more compact tap with a lower spout will work well.

2. Style And Finish

The style and finish of the faucet can significantly impact the overall look of your bathroom. Consider the existing decor, as well as select a tap that complements it. Modern bathrooms often benefit from sleek, minimalist designs, while traditional bathrooms might require more ornate fixtures.

3. Spout Type

You have the choice of single-handle and double-handle faucets. Single-handle faucets are becoming increasingly popular due to their simplicity and sleek appearance. They allow for easy control of water flow and temperature with just one handle. Double-handle taps, on the other hand, provide more precise control over hot and cold water, which can be important in some situations.

4. Technological Features

Modern faucets often come with advanced technology. One such feature that is becoming increasingly popular is touchless operation.  You can turn on and off the water without touching the tap, thanks to this feature. This not only increases its usability but also lessens the transmission of germs, supporting excellent hygiene.

How To Remove Rust From Faucets

Rust can be a common issue with bathroom faucets, but fear not; there are simple ways to combat it. Check out the following methods to get your taps rust-free:

1. WD-40 Magic

Rust is the nemesis of many bathroom fixtures, including taps. One effective method to combat this rust is using WD-40. This multi-purpose spray contains solvents that can help break down rust particles. To use it, just thoroughly cover the corroded parts on your tap by spraying WD-40 over the afflicted regions. Give it time to settle so the solution can get inside and do its job. Next, use a soft cloth or brush to gently scrape the spots that have corroded. It will become much easier to remove when the rust starts to loosen and break away. After giving your tap a thorough rinse to remove any remaining residue, your taps ought to be shiny and free of rust.

2. White Vinegar’s Power

White vinegar is another household item that can come to your rescue. It has acetic acid in it, which works well to remove rust stains. Use a rag or paper towel soaked in white vinegar to wrap the corroded parts of your bathroom faucet to use this procedure. Let the vinegar do its magic on the rust by leaving it there for an hour or two. Afterwards, gently scrub the rusted spots with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. The rust should come off relatively easily. Rinse your tap thoroughly to ensure all traces of vinegar are removed, leaving your faucet rust-free.

3. Scrubbing And Cleaning

But since technology is present in every part of our lives, your toilet is not an isolated example. In this post, we’ll discuss faucets and address issues like cleaning rust off of them, identifying the best manufacturers, and choosing the right faucet for your needs. After allowing the paste to work, scrub the rusted areas with a soft brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. This method is especially effective for smaller rust spots or areas where you want to avoid using chemicals.

How To Remove Rust From Faucets

How To Clean Faucets

Both the look and the operation of your taps must be maintained if you want to keep them clean. Some techniques for cleaning your bathroom faucets are listed below:

1. Routine Cleaning

Regularly wiping down your bathroom faucets with a damp cloth or a soft sponge can prevent water spots and soap scum from building up. This simple routine can make a significant difference in keeping your faucets shiny.

2. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Harsh or abrasive cleaners can damage the finish of your bathroom faucets, leading to discolouration and scratches. Stick to mild soap and water or a mixture of vinegar and water for cleaning. These solutions are gentle yet effective at removing dirt and grime without harming the faucet’s surface.

3. Prevent Hard Water Stains

If your neighbourhood has hard water, you may eventually see deposits of minerals building up on your faucets. Hard water stains on your taps can be greatly reduced by installing a water softener, which can also assist in lowering the mineral content of your water. This preventive measure can save you from spending excessive time cleaning.

4. Seal The Deal

To maintain your tap’s shine, apply a thin layer of car wax to the tap’s surface. Car wax is a protective barrier, making it harder for water spots and other stains to adhere to the faucet’s finish. Regularly reapplying a thin coat of car wax can help prolong the life of your faucet and make cleaning easier.

Who Makes the Best Faucets

When choosing the best faucet for your bathroom, the manufacturer plays a critical role. Among the many options available, Jaljoy is a reliable and innovative brand. They have a wide range of bathroom fixtures, including taps, seamlessly blending modern technology with elegant design. 

Jaljoy understands that taps are not just functional items but also key design elements in your bathroom. Their taps are available in a variety of shapes and finishes, so it’s simple to select one that complements the design of your bathroom. The company also prioritises making long-lasting, strong bathroom faucets, which further help prevent the need for regular maintenance or replacements.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Jaljoy offers a range of technological features in their faucets. One such feature is touchless operation. This not only adds convenience to your bathroom routine but also maintains better hygiene by reducing contact with the tap. Jaljoy’s faucets testify to how technology enhances our everyday experiences, even in the bathroom.

Summing Up

Bathroom fittings are crucial daily, and faucets are no exception. With the right maintenance and a little technological upgrade, you can ensure that your taps not only function flawlessly but also enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Say goodbye to rust, explore top manufacturers like Jaljoy, and make an informed choice while selecting the perfect tap for your needs. Keep your bathroom shining with simple cleaning tips, and your bathroom fittings will embrace technology, transforming your bathroom into a modern oasis of comfort and style.

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