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How To Choose The Best Water Closet

November 11, 2022

By Jal Bath Fittings

Is it time for a new toilet? Choose a toilet that flushes effectively and fits your bathroom, budget, and location. You must maintain a new bathroom with symmetry and elegance, so choosing the best closet is essential. In addition to appearance, there are numerous features and aspects to consider when selecting the ideal toilet for your bathrooms, including size, height, and flushing mechanism.


The best sanitary equipment is long-lasting, affordable, functional, and simple to clean. 

Here is the ideal manual for selecting reliable WC solutions for your bathroom areas.


Keep An Eye Out For Comfort

Think about making a worthwhile investment that improves your quality of life. Choose sanitary items that balance convenience, ease of movement, and space efficiency. A toilet seat must be the right size and placed at the right height to maintain comfort. Moreover, you can install a bathtub or a contemporary shower with multiple adjustments to make your bath space extraordinary.

Find A Good Flusher

Another crucial component to consider before purchasing a toilet is the flushing mechanism. Single flush and dual flush are the two different kinds of flushing mechanisms. When purchasing, it is always preferable to select a dual-flush toilet. Compared to single-flush models, using a dual-flushing mechanism has the benefit of conserving water. Additionally, the flushing mechanism offers a concealed tank and an internal flushing tank.


Check For The Noise Level

First, take a look at where the restroom is. If it’s close to a kitchen or other living space, you’ll highly prefer a toilet that sounds low. Therefore, search for a water closet that doesn’t make a loud noise like “woosh.


wall-mounted water closet might be a good option because it is quieter and uses less water. Additionally, one-piece toilets are simpler to maintain than two-piece models, but they are also expensive. If you want to give your bathroom a more modern appearance, go for a suspended toilet.


Look For The Longevity 

It’s essential to consider the bathroom sanitary ware‘s design and durability. Choosing toilet bowls and sinks of the highest calibre would be best, ones that won’t crack or chip easily. Before installing, you must conduct a thorough check. To ensure the item being delivered to you is adequately certified, you can check the labels on ISO-certified products before purchasing.


Consider The Size

The size of the sanitaryware is the next crucial factor. According to the bathroom space, you can choose the sanitaryware’s size. Sanitaryware is always available in a wide range of designs, dimensions, heights, and widths, allowing you to choose the best fit for your body type and bathroom space.

Keeping Your Budget In Mind

The cost is the first consideration when looking for a cistern. It may seem impossible to select a high-quality item at a low price, but it is now possible. Jal provides cisterns at a cost that will make your purchase simple, allowing you to select the model you want without spending a lot of money.


Take A Look At The Visual Appeal

Apart from being comfortable, the sanitary ware solutions are designed to blend in with your bathroom without dropping out. No matter the size or layout of your bathroom, Jal has meticulously designed commodes to ensure everything fits perfectly. Continually project a strong presence while remaining unassuming.


The Installation Process

Installation is simple and quick, which is one of its distinctive features. Why put yourself through the hassle of making lengthy trips in search of the ideal sanitary items and taking an additional month or two to install them in your bathroom? Jal has ensured your requirements through the online availability of all the water closet types. Moreover, installing it in your bathroom only takes a day after receiving it.

Ease Of Use

The convenience of cleaning and maintenance must be taken into account when selecting sanitary ware items. The water closet you choose should be simple to clean and maintain. It is better to use light-colored sanitary ware because water stains and scaling are less evident on these items. This renders the surface dirt-proof, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant.



The water closet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Make sure you take your time when buying one. Follow all the steps outlined above carefully and choose a closet that perfectly fits your space & your needs. If you want to buy high-quality, long-lasting sanitary products, look no further. We supply an extensive selection of stylish, reasonably priced water closets in India for your bathroom.

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