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Wash Basin: Epitome of Elegance

September 14, 2021

By Jal Bath Fittings

Wash Basins are one of the much-needed and easily overlooked products in a bathroom. They provide outstanding usefulness and elegance that bring spectacular practicality to your environment. Washbasins are seamless, economical, and easy to clean and take a stylish plunge into your space with its rejuvenating design.
Here, is a guide to choose the best bathroom Wash Basin designs.

‘Drake’ Cabinet Wash Basin

With its round creative shape, gives an aesthetic effect that leads to the dynamism of the entire bathroom. It enhances your area with calibrated attractions by providing a sense of more space. This modern classic extravagant design focalizes attention which offers a good choice of personalization to provide the most efficient usability and functionality.

‘Hebe’ Counter Wash Basin

These washbasins are the most popular choice for modern space. It is positioned beneath your countertop. They don’t have rims which offers a smooth profile with its solid surface and are easy to clean. It also provides outstanding usefulness and stylish elegance to your area with its engineering design genius.

Cabinet Wash Basin ‘Erie’

This washbasin is positioned on top of a shelf, breaking up the stylistic line and creating an aesthetic feel. It is a rare combination of contemporary design & minimalistic dimensions that adds panache to the space. It also creates a modern and luxurious look that suits by offering a good choice of personalization and delivers an excellent match that makes your space exceptional in function and aesthetics.

Cabinet Wash Basin ‘Kariba’

Kariba washbasin is elegant, practical, and functional, with a great aesthetic appearance; it is perfect if installed in chromatic contrast with the furniture that accompanies it. It is a contemporary and distinctive style that creates a visual appeal and establishes a signature statement with an ideal sense of oomph with functionality. With a unified and streamlined design, it provides a luxurious appeal perfectly combined aesthetics that provides a striking transitional look.

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